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Neginoth Productions was founded and created by Robert Jamason, a multi-talented artist. As music composer, producer, skilled sound engineer, and musician he plays numerous instruments including guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals. He also built and runs the Neginoth Recording Studio.

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"I am a firm believer that in order to be a true artist you must first fall in love with honesty and discipline. Honesty, to stop comparing yourself to others and their music. Music is great when the artists discovered honesty within themselves, and what they love sound-wise, without consideration of others in the creative process. True honesty brings true life. Discipline, because with great discipline through practice, education, and passion, comes great creations." - Robert Jamason




Music must have sound and silence, if you only have a steady sound it becomes noise. If you have only silence, you have nothing. You don’t need to have the best musical gear in the world to make great music, you can create music right now with anything near you. Tapping on a desk is sound and the silence is action.




Don’t miss out on the latest information from Neginoth Productions. Keep up with the new music, and tips and tricks to build your own path to music success. The world measures music success by how many people know you and your music, but true success for me is when I am happy with the efforts and results on a finished song. It falls true, “Build it and they will come”.



Roberts Early Music from the Robert Jamason Project, Hands That Heal Album








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