Robert Jamason is a progressive rock artist. Self-taught on many instruments, with guitar being his main instrument, caused him to branch into anything that makes sound.  Not only does he produce his own personal music with a message for trouble kids, he also composes music for use in film and television.

Robert has personal passion to help kids. Helping kids is very personal to Neginoth’s creator, Robert Jamason. A multi-talented artist, his God-given talents and gifts were apparent from an early age, but not looked on by his family as a blessing. Instead of being discouraged, Robert dove into and developed his talents, which grew into successful professions as Art Director, Graphic Designer, Musician, and High School teacher.

Robert has a vision to one day open creative centers to help troubled kids. As a teacher, Robert found his calling for helping kids through music and creativity. He saw firsthand the impact encouragement and hope had on his ‘troubled’ students.

We want to utilize Robert’s pro-level talent and experience, and provide a place where underprivileged kids can explore their musical talents and develop employable skills in graphic design, website management, photography, videography, and music. Our goal is to help them find their passion, grow their confidence and realize their self-worth.

We’re just getting started. We are creating daily to support our goals. Browse, enjoy, shop, and know that you are a part of an exciting and fulfilling adventure; to be a blessing to others!

Thank You!

The Neginoth Team