Neginoth Productions was founded and created by Robert Jamason, a multi-talented artist. The mission and passion of Neginoth Productions is rooted in many events that sculpted Robert’s childhood. Our goal is to open non-profit Creativity Centers for underprivileged and troubled kids - those with less opportunities, to foster musical talents and help them develop employable skills in graphic design, photography, videography, and music.

Robert’s talents include being a gifted music composer, producer, skilled sound engineer, and musician. He plays numerous instruments including guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals. He also built and runs the Neginoth Recording Studio.

He isn’t just musically gifted, Robert also has a dozen years of successful experience as a web master; driving graphic design, website development, SEO, social media, and ecommerce for hundreds of web sites.

As a talented professional photographer, he has more than 25 years of experience within the marketing, advertising, freelance, and gallery environments. With hundreds of thousands of photos taken during his career, Robert has developed a unique style for his photography and video productions. came about as a way to generate funding for our non-profit Creativity Centers utilizing Robert’s many pro-level talents through one multi-media company.


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 Robert Jamason

Co-Owner & Creator

Composer / Musician / Sound Engineer

Photographer / Videographer

Kris Plantrich


Business Manager

Public Relations

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